How to Publish Your Podcast with Apple Podcasts

If you have listened to many podcasts, you have probably heard a request to "please rate our show on Apple Podcasts." Publishing your show in Apple's podcast directory is important to podcasters for several reasons:

  1. Apple's Podcast app is the default listening app on all iOS devices, which have a large market share among podcast subscribers.
  2. Apple Podcasts charts are the industry standard for determining which shows are the most popular, both overall and in specific categories.
  3. Many other podcast apps use the Apple Podcasts directory to help their users find shows, so including your show there means it is discoverable in many other apps as well.

1. Create Your Show

Before publishing your show, you will need to have an RSS feed with at least one episode. Some podcasters prefer to have three episodes ready before publishing their show, while others create a short "trailer" episode introducing their show first. You can sign up now to create a show with MicDrop.


Your show should also have custom show art to make it recognizable to subscribers. We recommend your image be at least 1400 × 1400 pixels, and up to 3000 × 3000 for best results. For more information on choosing your show art, check out our FAQ.

2. Create an Apple ID (Optional)

To submit your podcast to Apple you will need an Apple ID. If you are an iOS or Mac user you probably already have an ID that you use. You can use your personal Apple ID for your podcast.

However, there are a couple of reasons why you might choose to create a separate Apple ID for your podcast. First, if you are creating the podcast for work you should create a separate ID since anyone who needs access to the podcast's analytics from Apple will use the same login. (MicDrop provides our own analytics, but some advertisers want you to share information directly from Apple.)

The second reason to create a custom ID for your show is if you want your co-hosts or guests to be able to log in. This can be helpful if you want to share information with them or let your co-host make updates to the podcast's settings in Apple's directory.

If you decide to create a new Apple ID for your podcast, you can do so here.

3. Log in to Apple Podcast Connect

Visit Apple Podcast Connect. This is the site you will use to list your show in Apple's directory. Remember that Apple does not host your show and you do not upload files there—for more information on how that works see our post on how podcasts work.

Before you log in, the page will look like this:

Apple podcast connect logged out

After you log in (using your personal Apple ID or the new one you created in the previous step), you will see this:

Apple podcasts logged in

4. Share Your RSS Feed

Click the + icon at the top left of the Apple Podcast Connect dashboard. Enter the URL for your RSS feed. If you are using MicDrop to host your show, the URL will look something like

To get the feed URL for your MicDrop show, visit the show's page. On the show's page click the "Visit Feed" link in the menu:

Visit feed

Paste the URL from your menu bar into the form on Apple Podcast Connect. Apple will validate your RSS feed and provide you with a preview of what your feed will look like in Apple Podcasts.

Once your feed has been validated, click "Submit." Apple manually reviews each show. Expect this review to take about 24-48 hours, and possibly longer during busy times such as holidays.

5. Share Your Show!

Apple will notify you when your show is approved. Verify that you can see the podcast in the Apple Podcasts app, iTunes, or another app that uses Apple's directory.

Now that your show is published, start to share it with listeners!

If your show is hosted on MicDrop it will include a free page for each episode that you can share on social media, a web player for listeners to check out the show, and analytics to help understand your audience as it grows. Sign up now to get started.