How to Create a Podcast with Dropbox

MicDrop is the easiest way to get started as a podcaster. If you have a Dropbox folder and an episode (or more than one) recorded, you are ready to share your podcast with the world.

Set Up an Account

First, sign up for an account. This gives you a password-protected way to set up your show. It's completely free and provides benefits such as unlimited hosting, customizable pages for each episode, and built-in analytics.

Create Your Show


After you have set up your account and connected it to Dropbox, you are ready to create your show. Click "New Show" in the sidebar and select the Dropbox folder that contains your audio files. The show's name will match the Dropbox folder's name. To find out more about which audio file formats we support, check out our FAQ. You must be signed in to create a show.

Add Show Art

In addition to audio files, you can also create custom show art to be displayed in podcast players and on the page for your show. Name the image file exactly the same name as your show and put it in the same folder as your audio files. For example, if your Dropbox folder is called "My First Podcast", the image file inside should be "My First Podcast.jpg" or "My First Podcast.png". We recommend your image be at least 1400 × 1400 pixels, and up to 3000 × 3000 for best results.

Write Show Notes

Show notes let you share written content with your listeners. This often includes a summary of the episode, links to further information (or to advertisers' websites), and ways to get in touch about the show. If you would like to include show notes with your episodes, write them in an HTML file and name it to match the episode it belongs to. For example, if the episode is "Episode 1.m4a" then the show notes file should be "Episode 1.html". If you include images in your show notes, be sure to specify the full URL to the image source.

Share Your Show

Once you have sync'ed your show with Dropbox, we will create an RSS feed for you. Test out this RSS feed in your podcast client of choice, and then share it in podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify. Your show will also have a free page on this site that you can share on social media and give listeners a chance to learn more before they subscribe. To learn more about how podcast directories and apps let your audience subscribe to new episodes, check out this post.