Getting Started with Podcasting

MicDrop is designed for new podcasters creating their first shows. With so many choices out there, it can be hard to know what to focus on first. This guide provides advice for key choices that you will make as you being your podcasting adventure.

Choose Your Topic

The first step in becoming a podcaster is to choose the topic for your show. What are you interested in? Which topics regularly come up in conversation with friends? Picking a topic that excites you will help you to stay engaged as you build your audience.

Choose Your Equipment


One great thing about podcasting is that it can be inexpensive to get started. Most first-time podcasters invest in one piece of equipment up front: a good microphone. Buying a microphone is the most cost-effective way to improve the audio quality of your show.

The Blue Snowball microphone is a popular entry-level choice for podcasters. If your show has multiple hosts talking in the same location for a more conversational style, you might like a lavalier-style microphone that clips onto your shirt and is less likely to pick up other speakers' voices. For podcasters with a bit more budget looking for a very versatile microphone, the Blue Yeti is highly recommended by MicDrop users. These microphones also make great gifts for new podcasters!

Record an Episode

Now that you have a topic and a microphone, you are ready to record your first episode! Find a quiet place to record, such as a bedroom or closet (soft surfaces help to prevent echoes). It's ok if your first episode is short—many popular podcasts started with episodes that were only a few minutes long.

Choose Your Hosting Provider

Once you have an episode or two recorded, you are ready to host your show. MicDrop is the easiest way to publish your show: simply put the audio file on Dropbox, sync your show, and you're ready to go! We have more details on the show creation process here.

Share Your Show

MicDrop makes it easy to create your show's feed, as well as a public website for your show. When you are ready to share your show with the world, publish it to Apple Podcasts. Then, let your friends know about it on social media so they can listen.

Podcasting may seem overwhelming at first, but following these steps will ensure that you get off to a strong start. Good luck on your new adventure!