Frequently Asked Questions

What audio formats do you support?

We currently support the same four audio formats as Apple Podcasts: MP3, MP4, M4A (AAC), and M4V. These are widely adopted formats for podcasting.

What is the largest audio file you support?

We support audio files up to 500mb in size (for a single file). This is large enough for over three hours of spoken word audio at typical compression settings. There is no limit in the total size of storage used for your show.

What kind of image should I use for show art?

We recommend using a JPG or PNG image for your show art, with JPG being the most common option. Apple Podcasts requires that your show art be at least 1400 × 1400 pixels, and at most 3000 × 3000 pixels in size.

Can I use episode-specific show art?

Yes, you can create custom artwork per episode. Save an image file using one of the supported image formats listed above, and name the file the same as the episode it corresponds to. For example, if your episode audio file is called "Episode1.mp3", the image file inside should be "Episode1.png" or "Episode1.jpg".

How do I schedule episodes for future release?

You can schedule episodes to be released at any time after they are created in MicDrop. To do this, on your show's configuration page check the box for "Choose episode release dates manually?" Then after the episode is synced from Dropbox to MicDrop, you can configure the exact date and time for it to be published. The scheduler uses the time zone associated with your account.