The Easiest Way to Start Podcasting

  1. Create a Dropbox folder for your show
  2. Save your audio files in that folder
  3. Sync the folder with MicDrop

That's all you need to get started! MicDrop will manage your RSS feed so that listeners can subscribe right away.

Simplified Podcast Hosting

Store your audio files on Dropbox and we handle everything else. Upload files from anywhere, including your mobile device. Learn how to create a podcast and how it's easier than ever with MicDrop. You can even create a podcast from a YouTube channel.

Listen Anywhere

Don’t know what RSS is or how podcasts work? Don’t worry—we handle it for you. Listeners can subscribe in their favorite podcasting app right away. Your custom feed is easy to integrate with iTunes, Spotify, and more.

Understand Your Audience

Track download and listener counts for every show and episode. You can share analytics reports with co-hosts, guests, and advertisers. Our analytics respect listener privacy while providing you with the ability to understand audience engagement.

Share Your Show

Share your customizable pages on social media to promote your show. These pages are created for free for every show and episode. Episodes can be played in a web player so that new listeners can try out your show before they subscribe.